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Effective communication is a two-way street.

The best story tellers read our emotions.

Adapting messages to maximize engagement.

Today the production and distribution of film and video is a one-sided process.

After video content is produced, the majority of it is pushed to a mass audience through web-based platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and various other providers that allow consumers to digest it on their smartphones, computers, and TVs.

Seeking to create more personalized experiences for consumers and to ensure positive engagement on an individual level,

Film and video agencies are leveraging biometric focus groups to track the emotions of viewers as they interact with their video content

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People buy based on emotions.

From a neuroscience perspective, 95% of consumer purchasing decisions are subconscious and emotionally driven

Harvard University, Gerald Zaltman

Identify and Target

Marketing campaigns can be optimized by targeting audience personas built using emotionally reactivity.

If you knew millennials expressed the most happiness while watching your videos, you can focus your marketing dollars towards this target segment.

Hearts and Minds

Find the most emotionally engaging moments in your portfolio and buy air time for your best clips.

An emotional audience is more likely to become loyal long-term fans or share your content with their friends.

Global Reach

Tracking their emotions let you understand how the global community will receive the video.

Our focus group participants live on every continent on Earth.

Optimize with Emotions

Maximize revenues with big data thats predict emotional engagement and commercial success of videos.

Reduce uncertainty and effective allocate your resources across your portfolio.

Tools to Filter Results

Our easy to use filters let you customize every graph.

Compare people’s raw emotions across religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, gender, personality, political bias, income levels and other demographic traits.

Controlled Communication

In a world of shifting social norms and viral crowd mentality, it is important to identify and avoid releasing content that sparks social backlash that catastrophically damages your brand reputation.

Biometric focus groups lets you see if people view your content as politically insensitive before you publicly share it.