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The next generation of focus group testing is here.

Test drive your video on your target demographic.

Watch your audience's emotions move in real time with our data analytics platform.

Know how your audience responds to your video by using our customizable survey questionnaire.

How it works

First upload your video to us.

Our global network of demographically diverse participants get paid to watch your video.

While cameras track their  facial micro-expressions and  eye movements.

Rizound analyzes the emotions using artificial intelligence.

to give you a personalized report with a rich variety of data and live statistics.

Transform your film editing and production with second-by-second emotion insights.

A/B test raw engagement levels to predict the commercial success of different videos.

Find the most emotionally responsive demography and interest groups.

No more spraying and praying to find a target audience.

Build marketing funnels with the precision of a guided missile using focus group testing.

Built for Online Content Creators


Push your craft to new heights.

Rizound—designed with you in mind.

Make your next video your best one yet.

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